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This tool, often used in cleaning windows, will do just the trick to squeeze excess water out of the rug Press the squeegeersquos rubber-edged blade firmly into the rug and pull to get out as muchliquid as you can, being careful to work only in the direction of the : rugrsquos nap Unfortunately, it is not safe to clean area rugs on flefacile fr community profile jeannine7820929 , top of hardwood flooring There is too big a risk of damage to the wood with any cleaning method that uses water Even rug dry cleaning, which is a very low moisture cleaning method, could contain enough moisture to cause lasting damage to the floor If you have a garage or unfinished basement, it is still possible to clean an area rug inside on top of the concrete Therefore, call in USA Clean Master, we'll make sure your rug is cleaned in the right way clean green cleaning services ltdGet clean go green! ©Copyright 2012 Green cleaning services Slough No animals were harmed in the making Great company, great people and great work was done joycesulysses com community profile jamesdalziel991 , by the team that cleaned my house I would recommend them to anyone who needs a green clean performed at their house or business www coolcasegallery com community profile bcthong40677698 , GreenClean Cleaning Service Ltd © 2011Companies Act 2006 - Registered 7666060 If you are tired of struggling to make time to clean your home or you don’t want to use up your limited and precious free time on chores, contact Green Umbrella Cleaning Services today Spring cleaning info@cleanandgreenservices com 403460-2686 info@greencleaningsystems ca Additional services upon request at additional charge:water stain on carpetIf the water doesn’t completely cover your carpet, using just the shop vac may suffice A shop vac has more suction power compared to a regular vacuum cleaner, not to mention that regular vacuum cleaners are not built to handle water libertadores com br community profile rosaria21x05566 , suction Both the submersible pump and shop vac can be rented from your local hardware store The acid truxgo net blogs 287143 674792 eco-floor-cleaner in vomit can stain a surface fast, so wipe it up as soon as you can *Synthetic Fabrics are: Acetate, Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Olefin, Triacetate and anything labeled static-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, permanent-press, no-iron, stain-proof or moth-repellent Really? Well no The chemistry of interaction of carpet materials and its padding with various materials that may be spilled, put deliberately, or tracked onto a carpet is complex spilled milk may behave differently on a wool carpet than on a nylon or other synthetic fibre """"


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