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Aftermarket Part Installation

From a new exhaust to new rods and pistons, we will install aftermarket and OEM upgrades on your vehicle.

New LED lights? We can install that. 

Need an air oil separator? We can install that.

Want to install new fuel injectors? New air filter? Yeah we do that too.

Or do you need recommendations on what aftermarket part to install? Give us a call and we will be sure to give you or professional recommendations. We've seen the good the bad and the ugly, we won't lead you astray.

Finished up the tune on this #fwbuilt 20

Suspension/Handling parts 

Looking to install those new coiloversNew springs, struts/shocks, frame brace/strut bar, bushingsend links? Got a new sway bar? Not sure how to install it?

Not a problem.

Lowering, lifting, whatever it may be regarding your car's suspension or handling, we can handle it.

See what we did there?


Click learn more to reach out with any inquiries or questions.


4-Wheel Dyno Tuning

Full 4-Wheel mustang Dyno tuning.

We are the Sacramento valley's oldest authorized Cobb tuner.


Ready to install a new Cobb access port? We've got you covered. We can get you set up with a new access port and full tune

Looking to get more horse power out of your Subaru? 

Let's get you set up.

Updating the suspension on this #2005 #s
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